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Term of Service

This"Term of Service"is YOU(Customers) and PC CHINA.COM's Service Agreement for Computer Repair and onsite IT Service:

1)PC CHINA's Computer Repair or IT Service is ONSITE SERVICE,We charge for Service,All Quotations include call out fee(or transportation fee),NO others extra cost need.BUT if you cancel service,We will charge 100rmb for call out fee.

2)THIS SERVICE charge for Repair and Service in general conditions,If there is War,Calamity of Nature,Earth Quake,Society Confusion,etc Forced Majesty,Service can NOT be continued,We are NOT responsible.

3)THIS SERVICE is based on CURRENT PROBLEMS,Due to Computer is Complex and Different Structures,We do NOT guarantee some of problems will not appeared again in future.

4)The MAX responsibility for Use our Service is the Service Charge,PC CHINA do NOT responsible for any other Direct loss or Mediate loss of Customers.

5)Our Computer Service Area is Beijing,We may charge extra transportation fee for some of suburban areas.

6)We are ready for Service 24x7,We Provide IT service any time,But the general rate is operating for Mon.-Fri.10:00-16:00(NOT include holidays),We charge DOUBLE RATE for else time.

7)When we receive your call and confirmed onsite Service,Our technicians will come onsite in 2-6hours( or other time customer prefered),Then start Service or Repair,In some of situations may delay more hours or next day service(for example:receive request on nightfall,traffic jam,etc.).

Use our Service,You are AGREE all above Terms

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