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We have outlined some steps to help you order your Promotional USB Memory sticks. However, don't forget we have experience account managers waiting to take your call if you would rather discuss this would us - 086 0 133 6633 2321 .

Step 1. Selecting your Promotional USB Memory Stick

We have a wide variety of USB Memory Sticks in different shapes and materials. Simply check through our various models and see what grabs your interest. We also provide Customised USB Memory Sticks to any design style you like. If you need more information on this or cannot find the product you are looking for call us and we would be delighted to help.

Step 2. Selecting the packaging for your Branded USB Memory Stick

We have a range of packaging options for your Branded USB Memory Stick. These can be printed, simply let us know if this is of interest. Click here for more information and specifications of each packaging type.

Step 3. Requesting a quote for a Branded USB Memory Stick.

Once you have browsed through our website and have an idea of which products and services you are interested in you can proceed to request an online quote or by phoning 0800 008 7079. We shall provide a detailed quote and mock up of your selected USB Memory Stick within 2 business hours.

Step 4. Confirming your Branded USB Memory Stick order

If you wish to proceed we shall send you an Order Confirmation form to sign and email or fax back. It's as simple as that!

Step 5. Submitting your logo for your Branded USB Memory Stick

Next we need your company logo and any additional text you would like us to add to your USB Memory stick.

Imprint Areas

When you browse through our products you will able to see the imprint areas clearly stated within the USB Memory stick specifications. Imprint areas are the printable dimensions where your company logo is placed onto your USB Promotional Memory stick. These dimensions are rough guides only to give you an indication of how much space you are able to play with.

Artwork Type
In order to get a high quality printing results on your USB Memory Stick we prefer Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or Photoshop (.eps) vector graphic files. We also need your Pantone colour reference to ensure we get an exact colour match for you.

Selecting Your Imprinting Options
Let us know what type of printing you would like on your Customised USB Memory Stick. Click here for further information on our Imprinting Options.

Step 5. Submitting your company data to add to your Branded USB Memory stick.

If you would like to add some data onto your Branded USB Memory Stick, simple send us the data via email beijingfix@gmail.com, FTP server, USB Flash Drive or CD. Click here for further information on our Data Content.

Address to send the data to:

Data Pre-Load Department
4-221 Hongda Property
No.42 Shibalidian
Chaoyang District

Step 6. Proofing of your branded USB Memory stick

We shall provide a full production proof for sign-off within 1 working day. If you have requested data to be loaded onto your Promotional USB Memory stick we shall provide a screen grab of the content and / or a physical sample if time permits.
Step 7. Delivery

Delivery will be sent to whichever address you would like us to ship to. We can be blind ship if required and invoice you separately.
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