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Enterprise Firewall
The Internet is a powerful tool for businesses, providing virtually limitless access to innumerable business resources. However, without safeguards the Internet also provides external users easy, unrestricted access to your company's networks. Such access allows a variety of malicious activities to be carried out without your knowledge. In a recent survey, 72% of IT leaders reported breaches from hostile code during the last year.

Today, in order to protect against these threats, virtually every organization MUST install a firewall. A firewall is a device that acts as a gateway, monitoring and controlling the flow of network traffic for security purposes. It examines all inbound and outbound traffic; permitting only traffic meeting certain predeterminded criteria to pass. This blocks unsolicited traffic from hackers, while maintaining transparent Internet access for employees and customers.
NAT and Masquerading
Dynamic and static Network Address Translation (NAT) and masquerading conceal internal IP addresses behind a "public" IP address, to prevent hackers from learning about internal networks, servers, and users.
Dos Protection
A PC CHINA All-In-One Firewall Solution protects against common Denial of Service (DoS) attacks like TCP SYN flood, ICMP flood, UDP flood, Smurf, Trinoo, and IP spoofing.
Traffic Shaping and QoS
Administrators can increase or decrease the priority of different types of traffice between specific endpints, providing quality of service (QoS) for critical transactions.
Detailed Reporting
A PC CHINA All-In-One Firewall Solutin provides detailed reporting on network traffic, connections, packet filter violations, hardware utilization on the firewall system, and other information for managing the firewall. Accounting reports provide detailed data on traffic to and from network segments.
Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI)
PC CHINA's firewall inspects network packet headers to manage traffic between the Internet and internall networks, servers, and users. The firewall examines individual packet headers to make sure that they conform to the rules of the appropriate protocol (packet filtering), and tracks the sequence of events during ongoing connections to detect violations of normal processes (stateful packet inspection).
Application-Level Deep Packet Filtering
The PC CHINA firewall utilizes application-level proxies to scan the application-related content of communications packets (payloads) to ensure conformance with rules specific to web traffic, email, DNS, and other broad application types.
Security Proxies
PC CHINA's firewall provides comprehensive proxies that simplify management by allowing administrators to quickly and easily enable and disable protocols and features such as content filtering, caching, whitelists and blacklists, file extension filtering, and MIME error checking. Proxies are included for the protocols: HTTP | DNS | SOCKS | POP3 | Ident | SMTP

The firewall is the foundation of the security applications in the PC CHINA All-In-One Firewall Solution. Applications such as Instrusion Prevention and Gateway Anti-VIrus work with the firewall so that traffic related to security threats can be blocked immediately, before infecting internal networks. Integrating all applications in-line on the same device improves performance by eliminating delays associated with vectoring files back and forth to separate systems for virus, spyware, spam and intrusion scanning.
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