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Pricing Plans

Thank you for use PC CHINA's service as your IT outsourcing solution. Beijing Computer Repair transform your IT support method from a reactive “break! then fix?into a more advantageous and preventative methodology.

We accept RMB,EUR,USD,JPY via Cash,Bank Transfer,Western Union,Paypal.

Service Plan will produce a high level of network stability and security,become more profitable by outsourcing pc support. our service is cost-effective,it is worth to pay that.


Plan A
Plan A
Plan A is most prefered plan for customers,you just pay 500rmb,We can fixed most of problems in 1 hour.

*a few hard problems can not be fixed in 1 hour,we charge 150rmb/hr for extra hours.

Plan B
Please contact us for detail.
Plan B
Plan B is monthly plan,save money and got unlimited onsite service times for enterprise customers(*4).

CALL US:133-6633-2321

Benefits of PC CHINA Onsite IT Service
?Avoid down time and emergency ?95% of problems fixed ok in 1-2hours
?24x7 service (*1) ?Support with Telephone,Email,Onsite
?Best price IT equipment procurement ?Account and IT Management
?Reduce and control IT costs ?Focus more on your core business

Use onsite IT service from PC CHINA,You AGREE to our Term of Service,We provide Telephone Support for our service,If you have any questions or inquiry,Feel FREE to Contact us

Please Note:

(1) Our general operating time is Mon-Fri 10:00-16:00 (NOT include holiday),DOUBLE RATE FOR ELSE TIME.
(2) All rate included call out fee,but if you cancel service when we arranged technician onsite,We will charge 100rmb for call out fee.
(3)Our Technicians will come onsite in 2-6hours,But it is a rough appraisal,if there is traffic jam or far from beijing center,it will take more hours to come,We charge extra 100rmb to some places far from beijing center.
(4) We reserve rights to service or NOT,Due to different problems and situation,We decide which time we come.

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