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Compliance Auditing

Long before there was SOX and HIPAA, PC CHINA was providing the kind of best practices and quality solutions and technology that have become standard for successfully meeting compliance requirements, for small, mid-market and enterprise level businesses.
Some compliance consultants come from a finance or business background with little first-hand knowledge of technology. The trouble is, today's IT systems are the tool with which corporations manage their financial systems—the ones that need to be audited. If an IT system is faulty and needs repair, a business background will probably not be as helpful as a technology background with a knowledge of business—what PC CHINA offers.

We can implement and test policies and controls of your mid-market business. If you have existing controls, we can enhance them, including automating manual controls that can be easily neglected. We can put you on the right path for compliance. In fact, we have one of the highest success rates of any compliance consultants.
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