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Microsoft Windows Storage

Windows® Storage Server 2003 is a dedicated file and print server based on Windows Server™ 2003 that is designed for dependability, seamless integration and best value in networked storage. Windows Storage Server 2003 integrates with existing infrastructures and supports heterogeneous file serving as well as backup and replication of stored data. Windows Storage Server is also an ideal solution for consolidating multiple file servers into a single solution that enables cost reduction and policy-based management of storage resources.
Windows Storage Server 2003 includes advanced availability features such as point-in-time data copies, replication and server clustering. Because the server solutions are preconfigured, they can be deployed out of the box in minutes and the Web-based user interface makes management easy.
The server integrates with existing infrastructures, so enterprises can make full use of commonly-used network environments and standard management software, as well as the Active Directory® service. Preconfigured Windows Storage Server 2003 solutions are available from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in sizes ranging from a few hundred gigabytes (GBs) to several terabytes.

File serving
Deploy a dedicated file and print server to address your growing storage requirements. Data protection features and support for multiple file protocols make Windows Storage Server 2003 the ideal solution for heterogeneous file serving.
Server consolidation
Consolidate multiple file servers to reduce costs and improve availability. Windows Storage Server 2003 is a proven solution for server consolidation, with customers benefiting from reliability, manageability and lower total cost of ownership (TCO). And with the release of the Microsoft Windows Storage Server feature pack, Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 databases can now be safely consolidated to Windows Storage Server devices.

Backup, restore and replication
Benefit from the rapid restoration of stored data. Windows Storage Server 2003 can be used for backup of multiple production servers without taking them offline. Third-party solutions from industry partners can help to ensure high data availability through replication across multiple sites.

Integration with Storage Area Networks
Provide a highly scalable file serving environment while making full use of existing storage area network (SAN) investments. Integration with the Active Directory service makes possible data security and ease of management.

Exchange support
Deploy file, print and Exchange Server 2003 data, up to 1500 Exchange seats, onto well-managed, reliable servers that provide good performance and low operating cost.

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