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Computer Upgrades and Repair
Whether you are a small business owner or a large company, our service is guaranteed to save you time, money and stress.

How much time and money have you wasted paying hourly for IT support?

We employ a full staff of dedicated IT professionals to support companies in need of service and support but not willing to pay for full time technicians. We are a local company. We come onsite when necessary, although can connect remotely at any time. Our outsourcing program leverages our significant pool of experience to serve your needs quickly and effectively.

Who can benefit from this service?

This service benefits any company, large or small, that wishes to save money on their technical support services and use their time more wisely. We have multiple programs that cater to the size business you have. Small companies that cannot afford overblown budgets on technical support will benefit from our cost-effective plans that grow with your business.

Larger companies can benefit as well. You may be employing a full time technician that spends most of their time just waiting for something to go wrong. Instead of paying a salary for little or no work, why not pay a flat monthly fee at a fraction of the cost and use our services when necessary? Regardless of your plan, you can call us as often as necessary, and we'll be there until your issue is resolved.

Stop wasting time and money on unnecessary IT services that inflate your budgets and cause more headaches in the future. Let us work to save you the trouble of having to.

Small Business Support (5-40 computers)

Is your network secure?
Is your data being backed up?
Is there newer technology to make your business more efficient?
Are you saving as much money as possible on your IT expenditures?

PC CHINA for small business has you covered!

(40-100 computers)

Most systems administrators are unproductive while waiting for computer issues or a disaster to occur.
Most computer issues can be resolved remotely, while disasters need more than one technician.

PC CHINA can resolve your problems just as quickly and be onsite with multiple technicians when a disaster occurs.

Every task a Systems Administrator/I.T Manager/I.T department is responsible for, we will handle:

  • Plan, coordinate and oversee your technology initiatives and infrastructure.
  • Proactive preventative maintenance
  • Service calls, computer/server repair and upgrades.
  • Web design and online marketing consultations.
  • Website and Email hosting.
  • Honest reviews of IT budgets and technical projects.
Call us today for a free site assessment or consultation at 133-6633-2321
Or visit us online at http://www.beijingfix.com/ - Computer Repair in Beijing| Laptop Repair in Beijing
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