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VOIP An Advancement Over Traditional Phone Lines

VOIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is an improvement over the traditional use of telephone for communication. The difference being that it makes use of IP (Internet Protocol) for the purpose of communication. Initially, VOIP calls were not considered to be very reliable like traditional calls based on PBX. However, after a short span of time, the technology improved and can now be treated at par with traditional calling method. It was first adopted by mi-size banks. After a lapse of a few years, larger banks also took up this system by installing for themselves VOIP network design. Bank of America is one such example.

Furthermore, cost saving by VOIP network design is the primary focus that is attracting people and adding to the number of VOIP users. It also ensures improved customer service and better staff efficiency. Fees for phone lines taken on lease and cabling costs are also eliminated when a VOIP network design is employed.

There are also Cisco gateway VOIP devices that are used in place for an IP handset that are comparatively expensive, at places where one needs to have only a basic phone. Multi-national corporate and residential VOIP solutions are provided for corporate and home users respectively with local unlimited calls for abroad by using the Internet.

There are various VOIP network design provider that one can choose from, for making use of the benefits VOIP has to offer. Several components of a VOIP network are combined together to form one single solution according to the network architects that are available. SIP-T, H.248, ISDN, MGCP/NCS, SIP, BICC, H.323 and AIN are some of the relevant protocols according to the different network architecture.

Vonexus VOIP is an effective VOIP solution implemented by PC CHINA. This is a system that works on the dedicated Windows Server platform that has small Business marketplace as its prime focus. At times, it requires having an extra server.

There are various computer repair Beijing options that are available to the inhabitants in Beijing. Additionally, these days some of them also give to the interested people a guide that explains the working and use of VOIP, to make things easier for the residents and reduce their telephone bills. VOIP can be of great help and is considered to be a data center disaster recovery plan in case of any mishap. So, one should learn the ways how he or she can make most of this VOIP system. For more such information log on to www.beijingfix.com


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