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Optical Network Design and Implementation

Todayís over-the-counter anti-virus Internet security products protect against specific code or signature files. Each virus has itís own code. When the anti-virus software identifies the code it kicks it out or alerts the owner of the computer. Professional hackers have developed spy ware that, once it enters a computer and steals your email addresses and other information, changes its code or signature file. The spy ware continues to invade new computers stealing information and changing its signature file automatically from computer to computer virtually making traditional over-the-counter anti-virus Internet security protection useless.

This is especially true now for anyone who hears stories of rampant identity theft, Trojan horses, worms, rootkits, and general spyware. Network novices don't know what these terms mean, but they know disaster will strike if they don't have a premium Internet security software suite. To be safe, small business and individuals need to find a proven Internet or network security solution that can fight against this type of cyber crime. This solution not only needs to aggressively keep up with the changing cyber crime landscape, but also anticipate what might be coming in the future. This is what the major corporations are using and itís what you should have on your computer(s), too.

Pertinently, optical network design and implementation provides in depth coverage most of the following:

  • DS1/DS3/E1/E3 over SONET/SDH
  • IEEE 802.17 Resilient Packet Ring (RPR)
  • Fast/Gigabit Ethernet over SONET/SDH
  • VRF virtual private networks
  • Double tagged 802.1Q VPNs
  • SAN transport, FICON, and Fibre Channel over SONET/SDH
  • DWDM infrastructures

Multiservice optical network design and implementation has multiple applications in most service provider and enterprise environments. To help your company make the most of these applications, Optical Network Design and Implementation provides a complete reference of technology solutions for next generation optical networks. It is pertinent to note that there are many differences among various MAN technologies. Optical Network Design and Implementation contains a broad range of technical details on multiservice optical networking and covers optical networking theory, design, and configuration.

Needless to add many of South Florida's Premier businesses choose PC CHINA to handle their technology needs. PC CHINA has been serving south Florida since 2000. The company has made a name for itself providing high quality solutions to businesses and home users at unbeatable prices. PC CHINA is a Microsoft Certified Business partner and a Cisco Business Solutions Provider.


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