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Best Computer & Network Repair Service Provider In China

Computer technology has become the life line of our present day life. This revolution has been grown with the boom provided by the Internet as it has resulted in mass connectivity. With the current phase of development, computer has made our lives easy and less complicated in work related areas where instant solutions can be found with a click of a mouse! Thus, given the utility of computer and IT that is used in every sphere of life such as home computer services in Beijing, schools, offices, aviation, hotels and hospitals, it becomes very necessary to upkeep and maintain the machinery so that it supports and performs all activities in a reliable manner.

We provide following services:

In the filed of computer and network repair service China, PC CHINA (www.beijingfix.com) is the premier name in the filed of computer related solutions since 2000. It is a well known organization that performs all the functions of such as database solutions, firewall solutions and system maintenance services in a thoroughly professional manner with its 24-hour service in any part of the world through remote access. PC CHINA is a Cisco partner and Microsoft certified support partner that is famous for its reliable and professional IT solutions.

For computer and network repair service in China, we at PC CHINA provide network and computer support solutions that enable the consumer in getting help. At PC CHINA, one can avail the unique opportunity of onsite within a record time of two hours. At PC CHINA, an account manager is provided to every client in order to provide right details about the product and services as a part of personalized support services. We at PC CHINA believe in providing preventive services repairs so that the user is not bothered about recurring issues that hamper the smooth functioning of computers and the Internet technology. PC CHINA also provides amazing data storage recovery services as a part of backup services that is saved at two places. For tracking all the employee information, PC CHINA also provides employee tracking utility through web filtering solutions.

In order to teleconferences, PC CHINA provides Virtual Private Network (VPN) and wireless network design Beijing that can be accessed form any part of the world. PC CHINA provides wireless security solutions and internal and external firewall solutions in order to make your business run without any online threat of spamming and virus attack on round the clock at annual basis. Thus, all these professional services are provided by us that are unmatched in terms of quality. For more information regarding computer services in Beijing by PC CHINA, visit us at www.beijingfix.com


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