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An Article On VOIP Network Design

Computer is one of the biggest revolutions that have changed the face of the technology. With the advancements in the field of Information and Technology, computers and the Internet have become indispensable parts of various organizations that are dependent on them for various services that cannot be handled by manpower on a large scale. However, given the use of computer and technology, its security is one of the prime concerns throughout the world where many researchers and scientists continue their research for devising genuine ways that can stop hackers from exploiting and abusing technology that can lead to mass scale destruction. Thus, in order to provide all the expert services in the field of hardware and software, PC CHINA (www.beijingfix.com) is the finest computer and network repair service China that is well known for its round the clock services in any part of the world with remote solutions.

PC CHINA is a Microsoft certified and Cisco solution provider that deals in expert computer and network services, as well as onsite and offsite backup services. At PC CHINA, we also provide remote support that will help us instantly in redressing your problems. We also provide an account manager who lets you know the correct and instant estimate of the services and offer you upgradations that will support your budget and expenses. Our high tech Virtual Private Network (VPN) supports all your conference and seminar requirements. We also offer wireless LAN solution and voice over IP solutions that help in managing and tracking your office affairs. We also offer Video Surveillance System Solutions.

About VOIP solution:

Some of the premier services at PC CHINA include voice over IP solutions along with DVR security cameras, monitoring and remote access solutions. We also provide web designing solutions that help in managing all the promotional facilities of an organization. The voice network design is the specialty at PC CHINA that enables its clients in managing all multimedia related business solutions that can be connected with the Internet as data. The voice over IP solutions provide call forwarding and 3- way dialing, caller ID and call waiting features. The best part of this service is that the subscriber can receive phone-line replacement service that helps in managing all business solutions that supports audio conference and multiple dialing facilities. Thus, at PC CHINA, we provide all the software solutions that are provided by the Internet.

For more information about the power packed features of wireless network design Beijing and voice over IP solutions by PC CHINA, log on at www.beijingfix.com


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