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Spam Guard
PC CHINA's Spam Guard provides cutting edge Spam filtering, virus protection, and email failover protection. No hardware or software to install. Nothing to maintain and PC CHINA6s Spam Guard work with virtually every email system.
No installation, no administration: Spam Guard works instantly with the
   flip of a switch. Our experts stay ahead of Spam and Virus threats so
   you don't have to.
Leading Accuracy: Our unique approach to spam analysis consistency
   delivers accuracy far beyond any other anti-spam solution.

Works with your existing emails system: Compatible with Exchange
   and every other mail server platform. All you need your own domain
   name (ex: www.mybusiness.com).

Stops virus threats: Spam Guard scans message twice for viruses
   before sending it on to your mail system.
Prevents lost emails: If your mail server goes down, for any reason,
   Spam Guard will queue your mail on for up to 3 days.
Low cost: Spam Guard solution provides the quickest ROI by virtually
  eliminating the cost of deleting spam and the cost of administering a
  complex anti-spam solution.
Easy setup – No software to install.
Compatibility with all mails system – All you need is domain name. We
   work with virtually any email system and domain name.
No administration – We manage the spam solution so you don't have
Leading accuracy – Up to 99% accuracy with virtually zero false
Increased productivity – Your employees no longer have to spend their
   mornings deleting spam and pornographic email from their inbox.
Increased security – No more email-borne viruses that wreak havoc on
   your network. Plus, our email backup solution provides failover
   protection. If your mail server becomes unavailable, you never lose a
   single email.
Best value – Spam filtering, virus protection, and email backup all rolled
   into one low cost package.
Solid infrastructure – redundant servers ensure 99.99% uptime.
The Spam Guard solution acts as a gateway that sits between the Internet and your mail server(s). When an email is sent to your organization, it first passes through the Spam Guard system, which scans each message for viruses and spam. Additionally, if your mail server becomes unreachable, Spam Guard will queue your mail for up to 3 days and deliver it to you when your server comes back online. The Spam Guard system is compatible with all email system and can suit the needs of any organization. All you need is your own domain name (ex: yourdomain .com).
There are a myriad of highly in effective filtration products on the market today. Most anti-spam products simply analyze the words in emails and score them according to common spam characteristics. The problem with this approach is spammers have long since out-smarted these techniques by including words that cause the anti-spam software to rank them as genuine email.
Rather than focusing on the content of email, we focus on the one characteristic common to all spam messages – its mass distribution. Spam Guard utilizes technology that closely monitors global email activity. Within minutes of a spam outbreaks, Spam Guard detects the unsolicited mailing and stops them from entering your mailbox.

Spam Guard blows the competition out of the water, averaging a 99.5% spam capture rate with very low false positives. The Spam Guard team closely manages our system and always stays one step ahead of spammers. Your organization can focus its resources on conducting business…we'll take care of the spam.
When an email enters the Spam Guard mail system, it is scanned by two leading anti-virus programs. Every hour, Spam Guard updated its anti-virus software. When a new virus threat is detected, an immediate update is established any time, day or night, to ensure ultimate protection.
Spam Guard deletes virus infected email before it reaches your mail system since viruses commonly replicate themselves using fake “From” credentials, a notification is not sent to the forged sender.
Spam Guard provides a solution to another problem burdening many organizations – email reliability. Internet connections aren't always available, hardware fails, and the power goes out. Until Spam Guard, the only way to ensure maximum email availability would be to manage an offsite redundant email server which could costs tens of thousands of dollar a year. If your mail server becomes unavailable for any reason, Spam Guard will queue your mail for up to 3 days. Once your server is live, your queued email will be sent straight to you.
How to learn More
To learn more about the Spam Guard system or to begin using the service please call our support team at (86-010) 6746- 0981.
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