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Secure VPN
Providing your mobile workers with a solution that gives them remote access to mission-critical resources on the corporate network is crucial to your company's success. While they want a solutin that's reliable and easy to use, you need one that's absolutely secure, extremely flexible and simple to manage. Now there's a solution that meets everyone's needs - PC CHINA's Secure VPN

With the PC CHINA Secure VPN Client, your mobile users have a simple, easy-to-use solution for securely a accessing the corporate network. The PC CHINA Secure VPN Comet software provides mobile users with secure, reliable access to corporate resources through broadband, wireless and dial-up connections. Establishing a connection to the corporate network couldn't be easier. Just enter in a domain name or IP address. The VPN configuration information is automatically downloaded from the PC CHINA All-in-One Firewall Solution and the connection is enabled. It's that simple.

Custom-developed by PC CHINA, the Secure VPN Client has been specifically engineered to take advantage of the features and benefits of PC CHINA's All-in-One Firewall Solution. The Secure VPN Client uses innovative technology to deliver tighter integration for greater ease of use and manageability. PC CHINA's Secure VPN Client provides cost-effective, secure access for mobile users from any location, using any Internet connection, over any IP network environment.
Secure Remote Access.
The PC CHINA Secure VPN Client provides mobile users with access to mission-critical network resources by establishing secure connections to their office network's IPSec-compliant PC CHINA All-in-One Firewall Solution.
The PC CHINA Secure VPN Client provides users with easy-to-follow Installation and Configuration Wizards to quickly and easily install the product and configure a VPN client connection, streamlining VPN deployment and management.
Simple User Interface
The PC CHINA Secure VPN Client offers point-and-click VPN activation and streamlined management tools to minimize support requirements.
Simple Client Policy Provisioning
PC CHINA's innovative technology enables the secure VPN Client to establish a connection after automatically downloading the VPN configuration data from the PC CHINA All-in-One Firewall Solution using only the IP address or domain name of the PC CHINA All-in-One Firewall Solution. This removes the burden from the remote user of setting up often complex VPN connections.
Enhanced Productivity
By providing secure communications over broadband, wireless and dial-up connections, the PC CHINA Secure VPN Client enables mobile users to increase their connect time to corporate network resources, enhancing their productivity.
Powerfull Central Management
PC CHINA's award-winning Global Management Platform can centrally manage Secure VPN Client connections.
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